September has been a difficult month so far and it isn’t over yet.  The difficulty is in the complexity of everything.  It is a month of getting not what I had hoped for but little somethings that together may help us make it through this.

The bank has finally offered us a deal on the house.  The deal is, they will restructure the loan if we will literally agree to re-buy the house.  This means we go back to square one of the loan on their terms.  So, there is a lower interest rate (awesome and thanks be to G_d) but there is also a new, longer, term that starts over.  So these first five years of payments are kind of just gone.  The principal goes back up to close to the original amount and the payments are spread over 40 years instead of thirty.  Starting now.  As I said, I’m repurchasing my house.  But I might just be able to make it.

Also, it is time to separate the health insurance from my husband. So I’m in the process of shopping around for health care. Fortunately a good friend of mine is an insurance broker. I trust him and his staff to come up with the best plan available for the money. Hubby will stay on COBRA. Hopefully that will last until the end.

And lastly, my beautiful piano has just sold.

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