In Living Wills We Trust

Major milestone was hit last month! Thanks to the generosity of George D. Greenberg, Esq., hubby and I have completed and filed our wills and trusts. Up to this point hubby had refused to even talk about making a will. The level of relief this brings me is considerable to say the least. Our oldest just turned 18 and our youngest is only 11 and has a disability. Making sure that whatever is left of our estate is left to them in a trust was a major concern. Also, there are certain items (motorcycle being one) that are registered to my husband only. For the love of Pete, did he think that just because he dies all that stuff goes to me without probate? Enter Mr. Greenberg. For nothing other than the filing fees, he provided us with all the documentation and legal paperwork for our wills, our living trusts, trusts for both the kids and conditions under which money may be drawn, homestead documents, and DNR documents. I cannot thank him and his assistant enough for the peace of mind they have given us.

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